Art Gottfried Post

Opening – David Gottfried


works by David Gottfried

Please join us for the opening

Thursday January 31st

From 6pm to 9pm

at 1286 Sanchez St.  (at 26th)

San Francisco, CA 94114

David Gottfried’s abstract acrylic paintings represent the unquenchable exploration that characterizes David’s life.  Throughout his career, as the founder of the World Green Building Council, David has continuously worked to bring new consciousness to the impact humans have on our planet.  His paintings are no different: they are infused with the same optimism and boldness that brought forth a green construction revolution and transformed over 100 countries.

Through his paintings, David explores the universal themes of intensity and passion that bind us to each other and our species to the planet.  He utilizes recurring marks and that evoke a timeless languages from prehistory while rediscovering symbols that speak of humanity’s continuous journey of self awareness.  David’s paintings speak to the inner yearning of body, spirit and mind to unleash creativity and passion upon the world.  It is this core humanity and its relationship to the environment that is central to David’s work in both the business and art worlds.

Come explore David’s first solo show and experience paintings that speak viscerally through symbols that communicate in a language that is at once universal and undiscovered