Located in a brick warehouse originally built in 1906 in San Francisco’s Westside Design District, the office is hybrid design-studio- art space. The plan for this floor is defined by the grid of old growth of 12×12, columns and beams. New walls and workspaces delineate a secondary layer within the original frame. Shades and sheens of white define the original wood structure, the historic brick walls and the inserted new walls. Desktops and furnishings are natural wood grains and the feature wall is living as the finishes become more animated.

The office space and adjacent art gallery SPACE 151,  was conceived with the conceptual framework of porosity in mind, and the conference room serves as the liaison between the two worlds of art and architecture. The new plan connects the space from front to back, making the most of the west window wall, and binding the studio to the gallery. This internal connection, via the dropped ceiling conference space, transitions from the natural conditions in the design studio to the controlled light of the gallery. The spaces and functions are joined and mutually inform each other.

The office is an example of adaptive reuse as the building was and currently still houses a paint factory.

Photography: Cesar Rubio