On Display through November: This Land

Levy Art & Architecture is proud to announce our second collaboration with Natural Discourse.  We are currently exhibiting the digital and paper works of David Opdyke in conjunction with the release of This Land, by award-winning author Lawrence Weschler and David Opdyke.

We especially love the way this looks at dusk, but come by any time of day to check it out!

This inverted galley experience begins by asking what happens when we turn the gallery inside out?  What happens when private spaces – art spaces – are unavailable and how can we present art to the community at large without constraint of time or entry?

The art and gallery is now visible from the street where anyone can view it, 24 hours a day, until the end of the show in November outside of our building 2501 Bryant Street, San Francisco (get directions).


David Opdyke’s massive collage This Land presents a slow-burning satire of the American Dream as it blunders into the reality of climate change.

This Land is an epic mural fashioned by New York artist David Opdyke out of vintage American postcards which he then treated with disconcerting painted interventions. What at first reads as a panoramic birdʼs-eye view of an idyllic alpine valley reveals itself, upon closer examination, to be an array of connected scenes and vignettes. Across more than five hundred postcards, each one portraying a distinct slice of idealized Americana (town squares, mountain highways, main streets and county seats), Opdykeʼs acerbic, emotionally jarring alterations gradually become evident.

Much thanks to Gene Grealish for support of this installation.

Natural Discourse is an ongoing series of symposia, publications and site-specific art installations that explore the connections between art, culture, science and site. It is curated by Shirley Alexandra Watts.