Contemporary Wine Country Architecture: Healdsburg Vineyard

As a beautiful example of wine country architecture, this project is set on a 200 acre vineyard in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California.  This house is designed as an intervention to an old family home destroyed by fire.  The only salvageable elements were the old gable roof and river rock hearth. Complementing the existing gable, a series of sloped and flat roof planes provide for clerestory windows that bring abundant natural light to the space.  A flat, wooden ceiling over the living area continues to the exterior seamlessly connecting the surrounding porch.  This long eave emphasizes the view across the vineyard to the coastal range and provides an ideal location for an integrated solar array. Bands of salvaged cedar at the base of the house support climbing wisteria and bind the house to the landscape as it rises from the rows of vines.

Ken Gutmaker, Photography

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