Your Guide to Architecture Terms and Design Options

Whether you are building a standalone structure in wine country, mountains, or along the coast, our guide will help you work effectively with an architect on your new project.

Common architectural terms are defined as a quick primer, followed by a checklist with more specific descriptions of building components and systems.

This is your decision-making guide if you are beginning a new architecture project.

The best architecture is a representation of the client, their values and tastes. 

Ross Levy, Principal


    Guide to Architectural Terms and Design Options

    Levy Art + Architecture firm is founded on the principle that architecture is the thoughtful synthesis of concepts, materials and their assembly. Our work is inspired by a commitment to research as a basis for the design process. This knowledge, embodied by form, structure and light, defines spaces that transform our daily experience and influence the way we live. Learn more about us on the studio page >>

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