Legacy Center

Working with The San Francisco Department of Public Health, we developed this concept for a mixed use facility in The Mission District.  The project will work to help create a public park,  much needed open space in this part of The City.  The site is a City owned parking lot, half of which will become the park, the other half The Legacy Center.  The Center is meant to build on positive outcomes of the AIDS epidemic, the community, health advocacy, and self-determination.  The mixed use structure includes; public meeting and classrooms, offices, and visiting scholar/ community organizer housing. A living wall on an undulating structure shelters the south façade of the building and forms a vertical backdrop that becomes a part of the park.  A parking structure, built against the blank, north property line wall.   underlies the Center supports neighboring cultural centers and provides for tenants.  The Center works to train community representatives to provide Public Health Services and the architecture supports this mission and adds needed components to this vital neighborhood.

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